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he all-new Rob Allen Camo 3mm wetsuits offer the best quality neoprene available combined with a durable outer nylon to give the best combination of comfort and longevity.


This wetsuit is the result of hours and hours of research, planning and testing to get the full affect of depth transition, shades and patterns all working as one. The specific bands of light and dark's create the depth and shapes to get a 3D affect in its natural environment. 

This is a full two-piece wetsuit with long john pants and pull over jacket made from the best Sheico super soft and stretchy neoprene with a nylon exterior and a reinforced double nylon beavertail with double clips. It represents the pinnacle of modern wetsuit materials and construction. 


  • New Slimmer more comfortable cut 
  • RA Awesome Camo multi colour design 
  • Double clip system for comfort & eliminate water entry 
  • Anatomical cut 
  • Attached hood 
  • Loading pad 
  • Knee protection 
  • Latex dots on all seam joints 
  • Fantastic fit and extremely warm 
  • Pre-formed arms and legs 
  • New Hi-quality super stretchy Sheico neoprene  


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