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PrecioDesde $6.260,00

New technology and the availability of modern materials, along with comprehensive production methods have given us the ability to create the new Armada speargun
•A deadly accurate and powerful speargun characterized by simplicity and reliability
•The full length track is positioned at the lowest possible point on the tube, optimizing the line of power
•The carefully designed handle can accommodate multiple configurations for the gun, including roller and invert roller
•The integrated hook and mounting points allow for easy loading and removing pretension on the bands when storing
•The reel base is able to accommodate most available reels on the market, but is specifically designed for our Armada Eco reel
• Nylon and fiberglass handle comes with a 316 stainless steel mechanism that is designed to handle up to 900 lbs, making it one the most robust euro style gun triggers on the market
•The trigger is able to accommodate up to an 8mm spear
•The reverse trigger mechanism, unlike traditional spearguns, along with the specific design of the handle, will add 14cm of band stretch: hence allowing for more power
• Ambidextrous line release
• Reinforced Aluminum with external diameter of 29mm barrel, unlike the traditional 28mm from most competitors, and internal of diameter of 26mm with integrated shaft guide
•The open muzzle with two individual holes is designed to be used by right or left hand users and can accommodate 2x 14mm or 16mm bands
• Comes with 6.75 mm Sandvik steel shaft with pins

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