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High Pressure spearfishing float is a formidable tool for your arsenal of spearfishing equipment. This high pressure float is capable of achieving over 39 pounds of lift to a depth of 45 feet with 20 PSI. The float is constructed of the same nylon reinforced material that is used in the construction of the world famous, Zodiac boats allowing for spear fishing afficiandos to achieve and maintain full buoyancy and peace of mind. Zodiac uses this ultra-strong yet light material for longevity, durability and certainty in the high waters. A spearfishing float should have all these qualities to help you land that prized fish whether it is Yellow Tail, Wahoo, Amber Jacks, GT's etc.

This heavy-duty float has been tested to withstand up to 20 PSI. These floats are ideal for any corner of the world.

This float will be sure to give your fish a fight and help you get that fish on the boat!

  • 20 PSI Pressure means more floatation at depth.
  • Valve positioned so it won't catch on other floatlines.
  • Front and Rear D rings for connecting to float lines.
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