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ROB ALLEN TUNA 100 - 120

ROB ALLEN TUNA 100 - 120


Open Muzzle

* the ultimate bluewater gun
* new Rob Allen Vecta handle - the strongest, smoothest firing handle on the market today
* double 16mm rubbers for ultimate knock down power with Antline Dyneema wishbones
* 7.5 mm double notch spear hardened to ~2000MPA
* 220 KG breaking strain Antline Dyneema shooting line
* ultra heavy duty snap swivel gun bungee
* stainless line release

The Vecta is easily the strongest, smoothest and most robust handle available, featuring:
* virtually indestructible glass filled nylon body;
* a solid laser cut 316 stainless sear for exceptional safety;
* top mounted safety - easily de/activated using one hand and ultra comfy rubberised grip.

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