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C4 Naifu Knife features an innovative and ergonomic design. It has a total length of 204mm (8.03 inches) and a blade length of 94mm (3.70 inches) and can be used as a belt or leg knife. The handle and sheath are made of a recyclable POM material which is a sturdy and auto lubricating. This also means it has low water absorption and excellent rigidity. The Naifu sheath also has a locking system between the knife and the sheath which makes extraction and insertion easy.

The NAIFU blade features a shaft remover and it also comes out the bottom of the handle so it can be used as a hammer. The blade is cleverly crafted so that it has razor sharp edge that penetrates surfaces with ease.

The knife comes with two rubber straps and durable stainless steel buckles for use on the arms or legs.

C4 Naifu Knife Features

  • Length of 204mm (8.03 inches) and a blade length of 94mm (3.70 inches)
  • Use as a belt or leg knife
  • Durable POM Material used for sheath and handle which auto-lubricates
  • Locking system in sheath for easy extraction and insertion
  • Shaft remover on blade
  • Two rubber straps included with stainless steel buckles
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