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The Cressi Torpedo Pro Buoy is a must have for scuba divers, spear fishers, snorkelers, and free divers. The Cressi Torpedo Pro Buoy is constructed with 210-denier nylon thermal plastic urethane (TPU) fabric in a hi-visibility orange. It features a reflective strip mounted laterally across the float. The tapered front, or torpedo shape, of the float helps reduce drag, so it moves through the water more efficiently. The included traditional red and white diver down flag is regulation size measuring 12" x 12" (30.5cm x 30.5cm) with a 3" (7.6cm) diagonal white stripe and a stiffener. There is one stainless steel D-ring on the front of the buoy as the main attachment point, and 4 plastic auxiliary D-rings located around the buoy. There is an oral inflator to fill the float. Underneath the buoy there is a weight pouch to help stabilize the float and keep it upright while on the surface. Once inflated the dimensions of the buoy are 39" x 9" x 8" (100cm x 23cm x 20.3cm). Float has a side webbing carry handle for transport.

Boya Cressi Torpedo Pro

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