• Ergonomically designed mouthpiece and airtube
  • Anallergic silicone
  • Designed to follow the profile of the spearfisherman’s face
  • Internal diameter of the tube is 20mm, a specific dimension to 
    optimize the air flow rate
  • The strap holder is easy to use and reduced to minimal dimensions
  • The tube of the Zoom Pro is manufactured in TPU, an extremely 
    flexible plastic material with a high mechanical strength used mainly 
    for articles subjected to wear and for all heavy-duty engineering components
  • The tube will undergo no swelling in water and won’t yellow under the action of UV light
  • The snorkel has a high rebound elasticity and "snappiness", allowing the diver
    to fold it when it is not needed, and to take it out whenever the use of a snorkel becomes a necessity
  • Rigid enough not to vibrate during the ascent

The Zoom snorkel series has been developed, by OMER technicians, specifically for spearfishing and freediving.

Snorkel OMER Zoom Pro

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