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Sliptip Spectra SpearMaster

Sliptip Spectra SpearMaster


The real South African slip tips now available direct from the manufacturer, SpearMaster. Developed with input from the worlds best underwater hunters and speargun suppliers.

The SpearMaster slip tips are known for precise manufacturing tolerances and high quality construction. The result is a sleek and reliable slip tip that simply lands more fish. Available to fit many shaft sizes. There is not another slip tip available at this price point that compares in quality. 

7mm and 7.5mm comes with M6 adaptor, 8mm comes with 5/16 Adaptor.



  • Slip Tip
  • Adaptor
  • Double Barrel Slide Ring


  • Tip and Adapter are made from 17-4PH hardened to 44 Rockwell.
  • Spectra or Stainless steel cable rigging
  • Overall Tip with Adaptor length is 4.9"
  • Tip length alone is 4.5"
  • Adaptor length alone is 2.0"


Tip is precision lathe turned to a sharp point for maximum penetration.

Cable is 2.6mm DIA SS. High strand count for maximum flexibility.

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