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The Rob Allen Rigid Float 7 Ltr Air Filled has been manufactured from a tough polyethylene shell which is then air filled for maximum lift and buoyancy. The Air Filled option is ideal for the traveling spearo who wants a light weight travel float for their next spearing adventure. In addition the Rob Allen Rigid Float offers resistance against drag from large fish helping to wear them down sooner and make dispatching times quicker and easier. Rob Allen Rigid Float 7 Litre FOAM Filled. Features: Capacity: 7 Litre Configuration: Air Filled Dimmensions: 60 x 19 x 9cm Bright orange colour float for maximum visibility and safety out on the water Self upright standing design features ensures that the dive flag is always upright and highly visible Plastic structure design provides better drag resistance when towing large fish Tough polyethylene shell is air filled making it great for light weight travelling applications



The New Rob Allen 12 liter dive float is designed with a new profile ! This air filled spearfishing float measures 28 inches long x 9 inches wide x 5 inches thick designed in a similar profile to a life guard can. The 12 liter internal volume makes it great for  use as a blue water float. Comes with 2 straps with 3 inch tuna clips making rigging a pair of these together a breeze. This air filled float is sturdy and light weight.

  • 12 liter internal volume - air filled
  • new profile shape
  • use as shore, boat or blue water float
  • dive flag and post available, sold separately
  • 2 removable straps with tuna clips
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