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Bungee con tuna clip Maverick

Bungee con tuna clip Maverick

PrecioDesde $1.150,00

Maverick America Bungee consists of Tygon 1/2' Norprene rubber with 3x slow stretch technology for even pressure. It is broken into two 50ft sections for a maximum stretch of 300'. Maverick America's Mask used Norprene in the late 90's for 90lb Wahoo and over 100lb Tuna after the blue water testing from Pioneer Terry Maas yielded results showing the highest return of giant tuna landings without failures compared to more conventional materials used for spearfishing bungees.

Although this is the most expensive tubing material on the market, we chose this product for its proven record of resistance to wear, and most importantly, its unique "slow" tiring stretch return compared to other types of synthetics. The Maverick crew has witnessed fish slowly dragging backwards after explosive take-offs with Norprene substantially reducing the chances of tear-offs.

Formulated for flexural resistance and high temperatures, Norprene Tubing does not easily crack or deteriorate even in physcially demanding applications. Formulated to withstand high temperatures frequently, Norprene Tubing will outlast and outperform virtually all other tubings. Even following extended exposure to heat and ozone, Norprene Tubing willl not crack or deteriorate which is common when using traditional rubber tubings.

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