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Looking for a next-generation speargun?  Pathos developed the Sniper for experienced Spearos looking for a powerful and fully balanced tool that’s suitable for all methods of fishing

The Sniper speargun offers:

  • A fantastic aiming view thanks to it’s specially designed open-muzzle that comforts two rubbers parallel to the shaft.
  • A newly designed oval tube with enclosed track.  This offers stability, manoeuvrability and stiffness while its increased mass combined with the floater reduces recoil.
  • A 6.75mm Sandvik shark-fin shaft with a single barb and a tri-cut point.
  • A D’Angelo III handle. Low profile with a new stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism that adds an extra 7cm of loading length and universal grip in white colour that fits in every Spearo’s hand.
  • Ergonomic design, which makes the speargun an extension of the hand.
  • This speargun comes with 2×16.0mm red TNT power bands with Dyneema wishbones for supreme power.
  • fully anodized aluminium oval formed barrel (1.25mm thickness), with enclosed track and floater.

***This gun does not come rigged from the manufacturer. 

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