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The Ocean Hunter SGS Speargun is an excellent reliable beginner speargun. If you’ re just starting out in spearfishing, The SGS Spearguns are an excellent choice to avoid spending a fortune on a top of the line gun. They are designed by OceanHunter for their reliability, but to be kept to a good price point – and not break the bank.

It features easy to load 14mm rubbers, made from quality dipped latex. The shaft of the speargun is 6.5mm stainless steel, and has an extruded aluminium barrel in camouflage blue. The aliminium barrel is quite lightweight, so is easily manipulated and maneuverered in the water. It features interchangeable Mako and Cluster heads as standard, and a surelock firing mechanism with a line release trigger. They have a streamlined closed muzzle with power-up option. 


Arpón Ocean Hunter SGS 80

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